Japan 2016

This might be a super duper late post but yeah almost a year ago I went to Japan for a short getaway. I went on September, so don't expect to see any sakura flower on this post. Overview, I visited a few cities, tried a lot of Japanese food, and most importantly, had a lot of fun! So let's go back to my Japan trip because who would wanna miss such an exciting story? - more like, me, in the office, running out of tasks to do.

DAY 1: Arriving in Japan, I'm amazed by all the crazy technology they have in here. Starting from automatic buttons on the toilets and even hotel rooms. Which function I figure by guessing its illustration, since I don't understand japanese. Vending machine is also everywhere around Japan. Believe me when I say everywhere. One thing I already learned few hours after I stepped foot on Japan, is that I should've learned Japanese. Guys, do it while you can.

So most exciting thing to do today is I get to visit Universal Studios Japan, which by the way, is very big and super crowded. Note that it wasn't even the holiday season. It wasn't even the weekends! I'm only given a few hours to explore the place - F tour! - so I don't manage to get on a single ride or watch any of the shows (beside the show on the street obviously), simply because the queue is freaking long! Same goes to the restaurants. I figure that most visitors are actually the Japanese themselves rather than international tourists. After that I stroll around Dotonburi and get dinner.

DAY 2: Visiting the Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto, where I find women walking in Kimono. Or Yukata. Can hardly differentiate between the two. Anyway I find there are many souvenir and snack shops here. Enjoying the shopping and walking around more than the temples heheheh. Among all the delicious snacks to feast on, I have my favorite that I...forgot the name. BUT, I remember it is some kind of a triangle made from a thin pancake... well it's more like Indonesian dadar gulung rather than pancake. It has red bean fillings (available with other fillings too)... Anyone knows the cake I'm talking about? I really love it! And it has reasonable price, too (considering most things in Japan are pretty expensive). But it's such a shame that I only buy a box, and they are only available in Kiyomizu...

Things get pretty exciting at the Fushimi Inari when I find a shop where I can rent Yukata! After seeing women walk around the temple, I just can't help it. Then I search the perfect one for myself to wear around the Fushimi Inari. It was this soft pink Yukata with floral pattern with big red obi belt. Along with the Yukata, they rent me a pair wood sandals and a clutch to put my things into. I feel like locals already!

DAY 3: On the fastest train ride in the world, the bullet train, or I should say, Shinkansen. The train is really fast (obviously) and unbelievably comfortable. Another amazed-by-Japanese-technology moment. I visit the Gotemba Premium Outlets, where things are so... not Japan likely, a.k.a expensive hahaha. Here you can get clothes, and bags, and shoes at below their retail price. Although you won't find any new collection, but everything still look as good as new arrivals. What a catch!

Then I'm off to the famous Mount Fuji. The fifth station to be exact. This is the gateway to climbing the mountain and can easily reached by car/bus. It's a really foggy day so I can't really see Fuji-San clearly. However, I take tons of touristy pictures there, just because. I also eat some roasted corn and buy some souvenirs for God-knows-who, but apart from that, it's also a really windy day + it's a higher ground, and I don't bring my jacket. I hop from shop to shop to warm myself hahaha! Looking at my utterly happy faces on the pictures now you know what I actually feel at that moment: COLD!

After all this coldness drama I finally arrive at the hotel, where there is also this hot water bathing facility, Onsen, the one a friend has been talking about ever since I get to Japan. Which I'm excited about, until I read the instruction. I have to be naked. Butt-naked naked. No-single-string-allowed naked. Since it's considered as dirtying the bath. But I'm on my period - #THANKFUL #EXCUSE - and decide not to go.

Glad I did capture this on my snapchat hahah!

DAY 4: Another day I've been waiting for! Today I'm visiting Tokyo Disneysea. Dreamy is such an understatement for this place. Mermaid lagoon is too pretty to be real. Favorite little thing about this place - beside the cute character hats and popcorn buckets - is the visitors who wear costumes! They usually come in a group of people with the same character costumes. They dress from Hogwarts students, to Mister Potato Head gang members.

DAY 5: My last day here :( I go to Tokyo Tower that surprisingly looks identical to...Eiffel Tower??? Although unlike Eiffel, Tokyo Tower is red in color. Here -beside taking mandatory touristy pictures-I buy so many Tokyo bananas for me to bring home yay! Which by the way, still can't replace the red bean pancake I found in Kiyomizu. Then before I go shopping around Ginza, I have my one last Japanese lunch in... some area... I forget the name, sorry. It was one year ago-and I'm a grandma-so don't blame my memory!

A real candid picture obviously 

Overall I'm very much in love and man, five days is too short. Definitely would love to come back!



  1. luv ur last outfit too much but like srsly u only brought silver shoes to japan? millenials.

  2. That's amazing my dear!

  3. omg it looks like you had so much fun! awesome! ;)
    you have such a cool blog! i'm following and i would love if could visit my blog and perhaps follow me too =)
    TheNotSoGirlyGirl // Instagram // Facebook

  4. Amazing pics, I would like to visit Japan asap!
    Kisses, Paola.

  5. Wow, wondeful post, love it! ♥
    I would be very grateful for clicking the links in this post :) Maybe follow for follow, too? :)


  6. Wow it looks amazing there!

  7. This is entertaining, I still have to go to Japan so I find this helpful. I read from the beginning 'til end, like your writing style, do write more often. Love your bag too!


    1. Wow not so many people give me feedback about my writing style, thanku! <3

  8. WOW! Love the photos from your trip. I have been dying to visit Japan...this so makes me want to pack my bags and just go.
    Grey Canvas

  9. Japan is my dream travel! :)


  10. I never been to Japan but I really want to after seeing these photos! Hope you had a lot of fun!


  11. Nice post, dear))
    Very interesting photos)

    VeraBelBlog | Zaful

  12. Lovely so so fun!


    Molly X

  13. What a place. Looks like you had super fun!!

  14. Love the photos! Amazing post!


  15. Japan is a place that I still need to go too. Your pictures and obviously your trip looks are amazing, thanks for sharing ! Ps: I love your last look with the sheer skirt.


  16. Japan is on my travel wishlist. Amazing photos.

    Her Hive

  17. Love all of your photos! They’re giving me serious Japan withdrawals right now! Missing all the convince & food of that country! Looks like you got in a lot of stuff too!

    TFM Life & Style blog

    1. Oh yesss Japan is definitely something. really want to come back visit one day!

  18. Wow, what an incredible sounding trip, amazing pictures too!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  19. I've never been to japan and I'm glad, you shared these photos with us. This Disneysea looked incredible.

    Nina's Style Blog

  20. visiting Universal Studio Japan is on my wishlist! one day! loved these pictures.

    cute & little

  21. Really love how bright and airy your photography is! I need to visit Japan one day!


  22. Looks like a great time!




  23. Great shooting!
    Have a nice day!
    Gil Zetbase

  24. Lit, love your blog as always!!! Anyway, the red bean pancake in Kyoto you were talking about, is it Ajari Mochu Hompo Mangetsu?

    1. Hihi thanku for reading Indah ^^ hahaha bukannn, dia bentuknya kaya dadar gulung gt tipis terus segitiga :'''' kayanya bukan kue famous gue gooling ga nemu2 :(

  25. I'm dying to go to Japan. It looks like such a vibrant place! My dream is to go in the spring when cherry blossoms are blooming!

    1. Yesss, I'd trade my soul for spring in japan ~~~~

  26. Wow, Japan look so cool! This place is on my bucket list. Also, your camera looks so vintage!

    Simply Lovebirds

    1. Yes I'm very much in love with how Agni looks too + the fact that it's actually a mirrorless rather than an analogue! :")

  27. Looks like such a fun getaway! Seems like you've got everything at Universal Studios Japan including Harry Potter! Love!

    xx Yasmin


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