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"What a Weird Pleasure"

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A few days ago I went to the mall with some of my friends and when we entered one of the store, there's this song playing, and so I asked, what the title was. Instead of answering the question, she asked me back, did you really not know the song?
It was Maroon 5's Maps.
Obviously I knew it was Levine's voice, I just did not know the song. Nope, haven't heard it anywhere before. I'm sorry that I don't keep up with the billboards. I downloaded Avicii's Wake Me Up few months ago and deleted it from my music library 3 days after. I don't listen to Ed Sheeran or Sam Smith. Not Taylor Swift. Not Nicki Minaj. I've seen enough of them. I'VE HEARD ENOUGH OF THEM. Not the newest Coldplay too...what is happening to you?!
So I asked my friend to listen to one of the XX's and she thought it was (at most parts) weird. I asked her again to listen to some of FKA Twigs' and told me she wouldn't take suggestions from me anymore.
Some weeks ago I went to the mall and entered Pull&Bear store and Panama's Always was playing- the Classixx remix! The other day I went to a coffee shop and Summer Heart's I Wanna Go was playing. I was pretty amazed. I honestly thought that coffee shop was super cool.
It's like finding a friend of yours wearing a Joy Division tshirt and actually listen to their songs -- let's face it, it's more likely being worn as a form of fashion statement nowadays. Regardless, I actually listen to them. There's this weird pleasure in knowing things that not so many people know.  Listen to what most people don't listen. Read what most people don't read. Do what most people don't do.  Something only you know. That when you meet another person who knows those things too, it's like they are in the same ordo, same species as you. What a weird pleasure.

Here are the songs I listen the most lately (in no particular order) -- some of them might not contain any lyrics:
♫ The Drops - Atalante (20syl remix)
♫ Kyla La Grange - Cut your Teeth (20syl remix)
♫ ODEZSA - Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant)
♫ The XX - VCR 
♫ The Weeknd - Wanderlust (Snakeships remix)
♫ FKA Twigs - Pendulum
♫ FKA Twigs - Two Weeks
♫ Summer Heart - I Wanna Go
♫ 20syl - Ongoing Thing (feat Oddisee)

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