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"All-dancing Crap of the World"

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The femme fatale, Mia Wallace of Pulp Fiction, whom I adore so much from the movie. The characters Vincent and Jules talked about her in the first scenes of the movie, how this woman is the wife of their boss --and how Vincent was ordered to go out on a Friday night with her, but refused to call it as a date because you know, professionalism-- pretty much catches the audiences attention, or in this case, my attention, even before she actually shows up on the scene. The scene where Vincent entered her living room, she played him by talking via speakers. And then she showed up in a kinda loose white shirt and black tailored pants. At first I thought the boss' wife would wear something like gold jewelries, on the ears, around the neck, or probably bright red lipstick or something really revealing, you know, typical boss' wifes --or am I stereotyping?

"Don't you hate that? Uncomfortable silences. Why do we feel it's necessary to yak about bullshit in order to be comfortable? That's when you know you've found somebody special. When you can just shut the fuck up for a minute and comfortably enjoy the silence."

In some ways, I love the way Mia thinks. I think the quote explains it all --why I love Mia. She is portrayed as seductive, powerful, independent young woman whilst the other woman characters in the movie seemed so weak and all that. Butch's wife, Fabienne, for example. You have to actually watch the movie to know how pampered this woman could be. According to this article I'm reading --no, I don't do research just to write something on the blog, I basically read analysis of characters I'm interested in, if you wonder-- Mia Wallace represents mystery and the unknown. That makes so much sense to me. The way she uses the speaker to talk to Vincent. The expensive milkshake she ordered. How she controlled Vincent. The way she thinks. How she talks. How she walks like she rules the world.

So there's this friend of mine, S (I would link her wordpress if she isn't so shy about it), who says she wouldn't take suggestions from me anymore --if you read my previous post you would know her, but you most probably didn't/haven't read that yet-- texted me saying "Baru inget ternyata FKA Twigs yang lo demen itu pacarnya Robert Pattinson" (I just remembered that FKA Twigs that you like, is Robert Pattinson's girlfriend) --I used to be obsessed with Twilight and KStew, but honestly right now I don't think it was that great. So I googled them and although it seems a little weird --Pattz & Twigs, considering his ex was KStew duh-- they seem kinda real. A lot of people on the internet says that Twigs only uses Pattz for the fame and blabla but if you see Pattz' (not so) new haircut you'll be startled --I was too! Never in my mind would someone like Rpattz would have such hairstyle. Probably if it was, say, Justin Bieber, that wouldn't be so shocking -- at least for me. Looks like Twigs brings a lot of influences in him, no? Still, I kinda love the way he dressed lately, which you probably couldn't tell the differences if you aren't a fan --there I said it, I was kinda obsessed with him too. But that was long ago though. Wow this paragraph really is not about Twigs.

P.S: S first thought FKA Twigs was a band --I can't blame you, really.


  1. Pulp Fiction IS superb!!! Anyhoo, I like the way you made Vincent looks like a hologram there :-)

  2. @sasainsane: ...like you actually have watched the movie eh


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