Brunch at Batavia

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Cafe Batavia
Kawasan Kota Tua, West Jakarta, Indonesia
Taken February 21st 2015

Last Saturday, I visited this cafe located in Kota Tua area called Cafe Batavia. I went with my friend Astrid for... actually for breakfast, but she was late so brunch then. I was just here --at Kota Tua-- at early February but haven't got the chance to try this cafe. It honestly doesn't look so appealing --the outside building-- at first. But then I got in and I instantly felt all the oldish, colonialism vibes. 'Colonialism' is a really wrong choice of word, but you get what I mean right? All the wooden chairs, tables, wooden floors, the colour white for the tablecloths. Not to mention all the antique hanging lamps --the lampions are just temporary decorations for Chinese New Year-- and portraits of random people --possibly public figures but I have no idea. Also the big open windows that allowed us to watch people walking here and there around Kota Tua while enjoying our meal. I just wished that the chair didn't have to be so close to another --tempatnya rada sempit! A little uncomfortable for me, though.

with my friend, A

most of the visitors are foreigners!

Framed pictures hanging on the walls

...and on the walls of the bathroom --don't feel intimidated by this portraits of men because they will also be in your lavatory watching you pee.

There were some technical problems to our train home, so we had to take another train and stopped at some more stations and changed trains --and stopped and changed trains again-- before we got the train to our destination--I hope you already note that I'm not good at explaining things like this. And I thought since it was weekend, it wasn't going to be so crowded. But this photo pretty much explains how full of people the station was --and they could be a little too 'excited' for seats sometimes haha!

Looking forward to another vveekend vvell spent!


  1. Ramai yaaa.... Di sana ada barnya gitu gak sih?

  2. @sasainsane: iya soalnya weekend. Iyaa ada barnya! :)


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