Indonesia Fashion Week 2015

Last weekend was Indonesia Fashion Week 2015, and if you noticed, I have put the IFW badge since last week, so yes, I got the blogger pass and invitation to IFW 2015. I went on Saturday --planning to go from Friday to Sunday though, I did not realise I was busy enough with other stuffs. It was my first fashion week --forgive me for being so lame-- also I got an invitation to one of the fashion shows. IFW 2015 was held in Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). Super. Huge. Space. Anyway, I had a lot of fun. There were so many brands --LIKE SO SO MANY-- and not to mention the euphoria of visitors. I'm not a fan of crowded place especially for shopping. But I can tell, Indonesian local designers are beyond ingenious and I think we have to show a great amount of appreciation for them.


"ALGARRY" by Albert Yanuar

So the first designer to present their collection was Albert Yanuar. Amazing chinoize prints on every piece of this collection. Not to mention the las model to present the drape silk vest. Beautifully worn and swung. You can watch how these beautiful prints were made on his instagram.

KLÈ by Kleting

Next on the line is "Transcendental" by KLÈ. First of all, the intro to this presentation was FKA Twigs' Water Me, --come on we all know how this affects me-- thank you IFW music team! Anyway, love the choice of colours in this collection; lime green, yellow, soft purple. I like how fun and playful this collection is, but yet still maintain its calmness --I'm sorry is 'calmness' even a word? The cuts and also the fabrics used, definitely... transcendental.

My personal fave look from KLÈ

Rinda Salmun
This Fall Winter collection by Rinda Salmun is called Elevation. Since my pics were mostly blurry, I can't put so many of them here. But I had done a little research before I wrote this. So the collection was basically inspired by Cartensz Pyramid of Papua, the summit of Mount Jayawijaya --probably could explain so much about the name of the collection itself. The prints were inspired by the mountain topography and grid lines. Wow... I knew it looked like something, I just hadn't figured out it was all about the mountain surface. Very nice. Again, I'm sorry I did not include prints pics --I wish I could, but I really am that concern about pic quality-- they are all blurry and damn catwalk models walk fast maaan, I can hardly take pictures! But you can always google to know what I'm talking about right!

Sav Lavin

Last but definitely not the least, --since it's my most favourite collection from the show-- Sav Lavin. Before I say anything, thanks again to IFW music team for choosing FKA Twigs as the background music for this presentation because it was perfection. Very outer space-ish. I am obsessed with this collection. So futuristic and alienatic --it's not even a word but that's okay you got what I'm trying to say. There's just something about this collection. Basic choices of colours --black and white and some metallic fabrics-- but there's always more to it. I am in love with the illustrations over the pieces --I'm starting to think it is made from the future. And of course the white sheer vest (or top) that is very, very alienatic --again, I have to use this word, sorry-- I can't get over it just yet.

Back details

Looks like this look is so much inspired by the astronauts

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