People should fall in love with their eyes closed

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"Eyes Closed"

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by Ps CS6

"People should fall in love with their eyes closed."

-- Andy Warhol

This one is taken from my all-time favourite quotes list. When it comes to favourite things, I really can't choose one. I have so many favourite quotes. Favorite movies. Favorite songs. Although there are some things I still can't figure out. Like, favourite colours. Or food --honestly, how can people just pick one. Or drinks. I'd say I like pink but really all I'm wearing is black and white. I'd say I like pizza but it's scary to imagine eating pizza every day for the rest of my life. It's either I'm very indecisive, or really it's a tough choice.

For me, everything is visualisation. You may open this blog and scroll and only see the pictures. Or you may also read my babbling about nonsense. But most definitely you wouldn't because I write in a pretty long paragraph and it bores you already. With visualisation, you don't need (that much) effort. Yet it would still give you the pleasure. Which might explain why you find a lot more people in instagram rather than wordpress. And yes, there are just some people that prefer more reading. On the other side, me, I don't do that much reading. Reading costs me so much effort. When I read something, I don't wanna miss out anything. I want to really really understand what the writer is trying to say. Anyway, I really wanna be a writer someday. I want to have my writings published. I think it's amazing, the idea of someone willing to spend their money, time, and effort, for something that comes from your mind, in a form of words. That's the dream.

Alright about the quote. People should fall in love with their eyes closed. The first time I read this I was so touched. Like why can't people in this world just be Warhol. But then again as a matter of fact, we are all humans. So was Warhol. And visualisation is what attracts us the most. We see people from outside before we get to know them inside. I'm not saying that if you're less good-looking --not ugly, just less good-looking-- it would be harder for you to be with someone you like. It's just that our minds are already set into what the society wants. You want to be skinny so bad. Or tanned.  Have big eyes. Shaggy cuts. Blonde hair colour. Probably that's the way you want to see yourself when you look into the mirror. Or probably that's how the society wants to see you, visually.

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