About 3 VVeekends ago...

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Haven't been on this blog for over two weeks now. I was on my midterm exam week (technically, I still am, because I need to do one more exam next Thursday and submit one more paper work by Monday,  but whatever) and it was pretty hardcore. So that explains why I haven't been to any places lately. Except yesterday, I went out to pick up my brother from work and had an unplanned dinner (or super, super late lunch I may say) to celebrate my mom's birthday, which actually was on April fools. I stayed at the mall pretty late to avoid traffic -- it's easter break and it was also raining that day, we know how rain affects Jakarta right? -- and well... you can guess the rest of the story. It took 2 and a half hours (probably more though) for me to arrive home. I'd better stay home around this time next year.

Few weeks ago I had lunch at this lovely place at Rasuna Apartment in Kuningan, Casadina Kitchen and Bakery. It's near Kota Kasablanka, if you're familiar with it. First saw this place from a picture (or pictures, I guess) on my instagram feed and because it's not to far from my house, I thought why not give it a try. So I went and indeed the place was quite cozy. Although I thought it was going to be bigger. The food was really good -- at least what i ordered -- and has reasonable prices too. Nice place to hangout with your friends or just do some work on your laptop, since it's not very crowded and has a good wifi connection. And I heard they have delicious coffee too, -- I didn't order it though-- so definitely try it out.

Notice this half-painted chair legs. Cute!

These wallstickers though!

VVeekend VVell Spent!

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