Kota Tua Photo Diary

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The infamous Jakarta Kota Railway Station
West Jakarta, Indonesia
Wednesday, Feb 4th

Went to Kota Tua on Wednesday just because...you know, I have nothing better to do at home --spending my almost-two-month-semester-break in Jakarta, you probably know what it's like. And beside, one of my good friends who happens to be studying international relations at one of Indonesian best college (located in Surabaya) is back in town. So I guess why not have a day trip with this curly-haired suspicious-looking chicken-porridge-addict die-hard Mayer fan. Right?

Since I've been living in Depok (most of the time), I tend to use public transportations more often --I wasn't really a public transportation person, except maybe, you know, taxi. And it sucks that I still haven't mastered driving either --wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. On the other side, I've been using train almost every week to Jakarta, so that makes me know some of the routes. The trains in Jakarta are pretty clean (by clean I mean not extremely, but enough) and surprisingly very, very cheap. I was going from Tebet to Jakarta Kota --so I passed 8 other stations-- for only 5 thousand rupiahs. ROUND TRIP.
So about the station. Well since travelling around Jakarta has become a lifestyle of most Jakartans recently, --if you are one, you must have known-- I've seen some pictures of this railway station all over the internet --you know, instagram-- and it caught me. By looking at pictures of this particular station, I'm like "Gila, Jakarta banget". The compositions. I mean you could see the street's pretty crowded; angkot, bajaj, ojek, motorcycles, cars, people walking in and out the station, cigarette-smoking drivers, employees on lunch break, the street polices. What else could describe the crowd of Jakarta better than that. Well, thanks to all the pretty visuals people posted --also, the goodness of technology-- I could finally go and see great places in this city. I mean, it's been almost 19 years I have been living in Jakarta but I visited Monas for the first time just last month. Even the tourists know it better than me.

The last time I was here I was in 8th grade, with my friends, and we had to make a paper about a museum visit. Unfortunately, it was Monday and all the museums were closed. Luckily we were clever enough to write stories about it --the museum visit we had never committed. Anyway, the story was convincing.

 Doorman on duty

My companion for the day, all the way from Surabaya, S. She is far more better in words than me. Also read about the trip on her wordpress.

 Taken by S

 Bike rent at kawasan kota tua (they could be your tour guide around the city too!)

Sightings at kota tua: the silver chinese army. He posed for me though I was standing like 7 meters away from him. They were all very nice. Take pictures with these colourful locals dressing as armies every day. A drop of rupiahs in their tin is enough to keep them contented.

 White army getting ready

The green arm(ies) posing

 Local artist

Didn't take so many pictures inside (and outside) this museum though. My camera worked pretty shitty indoors --it is just like me, an amateur. The museum was spacious, very nice. Wow I really can't describe things, can I? Plus I was already too tired walking --yes I walked. It was a fun trip though!

"I'm good at ((fake)) laughing," she said. No doubt.


  1. You really did take beautiful pictures! I really love them. But I heard your companion in not having a suspicious looking, and wait....is that a neck?

  2. @sasainsane: It really wasn't the pictures--it's the editing. And either is that neck or not? You ask yourself what that really is lah HA HA


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