Thirty Eight

I’m not a virtuoso on an instrument. You know, I’m not always singing in pitch. I laugh sometimes my way through the shows, but I’m an honest songwriter who’s always tried to bring the audience with me on my journey in hopes that they see their own lives reflected in the work.”

I listen to different kinds of music. My taste is rather mixed, or seasonal you could say. I listen to pop (ugh of course), techno, deep house, indie rock (Coldplay!), even country –and by country I mean not Taylor Swift country, but actual country songs– and some more I couldn't even put to categories see I am no expert here.

I don't know how many times I've told this or if I ever tell about this at all. But Jason Mraz is my favorite artist I'd use the term 'singer' or 'musician', but really he's not just that. He to me is an artist, in the most artsy way possible.

When I listen to a new song for the first time, it's strange. I listen to it over and over again until it's familiar to my ears. Then I like the song. Then I love the song. Then I claim myself to be their biggest fan although that's the only song of them that I ever listen to. Then I play the song for a million times a day until it's stuck in my head. I love it so much that I listen to it day and night. And eventhough it's not being played anywhere, it is spinning in my head. Until I'm sick of it. Until I kick it out of my playlist.

New makes the old out of date. Years ago I listen to songs that are no longer on my playlist anymore today. When I put on my earphones and his music is playing, it makes my mind travels, through different kinds of feelings, emotions, personalities, through happiness, rejections, countless heartbreaks...embracing my untimely thoughts. I've always wondered how he chose the words, how he made it into a sweet harmony. How he made something so implicitly obvious. It never gets old.

I remember 3 years ago I almost didn't make it to his concert in Jakarta because none of my friends wanted to come they went to concerts, they just didn't like him as much as I did. I wasn't allowed to watch the concert alone so I had to drag my mom and buy last-minute concert tickets. Before the show, when I was queuing to get into the venue I got to hear his soundcheck session. The sun was about to set down, the sky was almost dark, and he played I'm Coming OverI heard the echo of his guitar strings and his husky voice began to sing. I shivered. I knew it was going to be a beautiful show. The show was on June 22nd, a day before his 35th birthday. The audiences got to sing happy birthday to him. I, got to celebrate his birthday with him. He expressed his gratitude by shaking his folded arms left and right, and bow down. It was indeed, beyond beautiful.

Looking forward to another remarkable show.
Until then

Happy 38th (not so) old man!

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