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Yesterday I did a little make up session that I have been willing to do since a long time ago. I've been doing my mom's and also a few of my friends' make up but never got the chance to actually capture the before-after results. S was very happy to be my canvas and Y and R acted as my assistants  of the day they helped A LOT!

S is the opposite of me not really a make up kinda person. Which is why it was very exciting to use her as my canvas because since she doesn't wear heavy layers of make up daily she'd look so different after I put on the make up. S already has defined cheekbones so no need for deep contouring. I focused more on highlighting the high points of her face. Also, I didn't put any gel or liquid liner! The goal was to create a natural-looking finish, the not-too-much-make-up-on make up if that makes any sense to you. I also straightened her hair and did natural soft curls from the middle to the ends so it will look as if the curls effortlessly frame her face.

Do I sound like a make up guru already?


After; DAAAYM!

My team of the day (left to right); Y, S, and R dresscode wasn't planned. T'WAS A WRAP!

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