Paris Photo Diary

If you follow me or are friends with me on my social media accounts, you must have known that I went on a trip to Europe last month. I was very excited for the trip since I've always wanted to travel Europe. Dealing with visa application wasn't so easy - plus my visa appointment at the embassy was less than a week before my departure date, which was on August 12. Thank God, everything went smoothly - got my visa just few hours before my flight, phew.

The first city I visited was the one you'll always find on everyone's bucket list: Paris. Now I see the reason why. I tour around the city at around 7 or 8 in the morning. Unlike in most cities in Indonesia, I see a lot of people walking. With their friends, probably lovers, dogs, even alone. Looks like they're about to go to work or to get breakfast at cute little cafes along the streets of this city. Yes there are so many little cafes - just like what I've always seen in pictures - glass walls, wooden tables, leather couches. All buildings here are very look alike. Bricks, balconies, small windows with curtains. I can't pass a building without gazing with my eyes full of amusement. Literally the most beautiful city I've ever visited - before this, first on my list was San Fransisco. Beautiful is not even the word. This is heaven. That, or the fact that I love buildings.

"...art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.”
- Eleanor & Park (Rainbow Rowell)

Paris, to me, looks nice and at the same time makes me feel something. I never have a desire to leave Jakarta and live somewhere else, but this city seriously makes me consider. It's hard to describe the kind of feeling when you walk pass people who smells like coffee and cigarettes along the streets. Or the smell of freshly baked croissants. Or when you look up to buildings with so many windows. Simple. Quite. Oh, and fresh air. Talking about it makes me homesick. I miss it already.

"Let's move to Paris and get ourselves a loft;
lets live in squalor and spend no cost;
let's throw caution to the wind and start over again"
- A world with you (Jason Mraz)

Haussmann blvd.

Arc de triomphe

Need I tell you about this? Eiffel, mon ami.

#Cruisin_lyf. 25 euro /pax just to find out the radio guide only speaks in french and mandarin.

Paris, c'est la vie.

P.S: Stay tune for my documentary video.

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