Brussels Photo Diary

It's been a while since my last post. I have gotten pretty busy lately, mostly with my lifetime working partner photoshop. Not that I don't love what I do, it's just I can hardly cope up with it at the moment. I've decided not to take work slash job in the creative or graphic design division for now and focus more on exploring other things. Hope I can find me a new thing to learn and enjoy. Regardless, I'm joining the YSEALI summit as a digital delegate, wish me luck! watch my submission video here. If you like the video please give it a thumb up and don't forget to send me feedbacks!

Now we're back on my Europe trip photo diary. After Paris, I went to Brussels, a city in Belgium. I know what you're thinking. CHOCOLATE. Of courseee I did visited some store to buy homemade chocolate. Please don't ask me how much amount of chocolate I brought home and finished to myself. This city is also famous for its waffles. So I did try one and... it was okay hahah. Well I suppose we all have different taste in food, yes?

Enjoy the photo diary!

Who can spot the rainbow flag?

Manneken Piss.

Please don't...don't take half of the frame to yourself, Sir.


Kid u better not lie! My waffle was 5€.

Momster :)

Thankyou for posing for me lil man!

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