White on White on Bleu

Went to the mall to buy a new phone because my old one is basically dead RIP, my love. And I did bring my camera to the mall so I thought why not do a little shoot at the street you know, a fashion-blogger-kinda shoot. All pictures are taken by my mom prove that anyone can be a good photographer with proper instructions ;) Anyway, I'm layering 2 tops; an oversized neoprene top over a shredded t-shirt. The skirt I'm wearing is vintage and I hate that I have to wear shoes since I forgot to bring my sandals home. Although I've always loved shoes with little heels just like the kind I'm wearing. Whoa do I sound like a fashion blogger yet?

 Did I mention half of the pictures taken are blurry? Thanks anyway mom ;)

 What did you do for vveekend everyone?

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