Netherlands Photo Diary

Got to visit Zaanse Schans and Volendam in Netherlands. To be honest, I hadn't done any research before I went to Europe so I had no idea it was going to be SO cold. I only packed light fabrics clothes, one coat, and few pairs of pants. Thank God my mom brought some shawls (she has one in every color, I think), they saved me throughout the trip :')

As I was saying before, although I was traveling west europe in mid August, it was cold and windy. And when it rains, it gets twice colder can hardly enjoy anything when it rains, I usually just like to hop from store to store cause it's very chill outside. However, there were those people I saw who still managed to wear short-sleeved shirts and even shorts! I guess it wasn't not as cold as I describe it though, it's just...I'm a pretty tropical person. I enjoy the warmth of the sun. Which is why I can't wait to share about my days in Italy! Stay tune.
The land of windmills, Netherlands!

Became as obsessed with postcards as S ever since she forced me to buy her some.

It was raining (and FREEZING COLD) in the morning!!!


Klompenmakerij, Zaanse Schans.

Because you know, it's obligatory.


Not that I had visited all fish and chips diners in Volendam but this one surely served the best I've ever eaten. Must try!

Queuing for fish & chips, of course.

See what I mean? TSHIRTS AND SHORTS. H o w.

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