Preserve vs Exploit

Went to the mall after class to get dinner and basically just window shopping, duh! My final week starts in just a couple of weeks...I think? I don't wanna put my hopes too high for this semester's gpa considering how busy I was just last month. Definitely going to work very hard for the finals :") Anyway, next semester I will be focusing on advertising communication. I'm excited to finally study advertising and meet all the inspiring people uhm, my lecturers in the advertising industry. When I was in high school I wanted to get into visual communication design school so bad because I'm into graphic design and stuffs but my parents won't let me. So I really hope I choose the right path I hope what I do makes me happy :)

Anyway, might have to start a new tag for my outfit pics diary. What do you have in mind?

Till next vveekend!

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