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So I stumbled upon this online shopping website a few days ago. And it's not like most online shops that only sell the same clothes in just different colors. DressLink sells various style of clothing you could choose from. And the most important thing is, they have very affordable price (well, relatively of course)! Here I make a list of two my favourite things from this website and they only cost LESS than 20 dollars including shipping. How awesome is that!

Browse throught their collection: HERE.

Off-Shoulder Patchwork Top. Off-shoulder tops have been really in lately and I feel like I need to get myself one! This top is perfect for a casual outfit. You know, when you really want to look like you put a lot of effort on your outfit but you're not in the mood for layering. I love the details on this top and I think this is the perfect top for any casual event or your everyday look. I'd probably pair this with some highwaisted mom jeans and a pair of boots/sneakers. That way it's feminine and masculine at the same time.

Get this top: HERE.

Black Bomber Jaket. I've been obsessed with this kinda jacket ever since the Jenners wore it. Well, if you haven't noticed, I wear outerwear a lot, beside the fact that Jakarta is already so hot hahah. I just love wearing jackets, cardigans, and vests. I think it really puts a 'signature' into an outfit. What I love the most about this jacket is the zipper details. I'd personally pair it with a tight dress and some silver jewellers for a girly look. And to make it more like the Jenners, I'd probably wear this jacket with a turtle neck top, highwaisted skinnies, and a shoulder bag.

Get this jacket: HERE.


  1. That's amazing you can find clothing for under $20!! Thanks for sharing!


  2. They have awesome stuff! Thank you for sharing :)


  3. Amazing wishlist :)

  4. I like bomber jackets too, got a few from Adidas last year.

  5. one is very tropical sexy, it would be much better if it was a long dress

    Herdiana Surachman

  6. love the off-shoulder top. :)
    keep in touch!



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