Teater FISIP for UI Art War Photo Diary

"Woi! Kalem dong! Pokoknya gua mau mandi! Buat apa kita punya sumur kalo isinya bear brand?!"
you regret you didn't watch the play, don't you!

Haven't been around here for the past month because I was very, very busy (literally). Probably the busiest I have ever been since we know for the fact that I hate being immensely attached to any sort of activity.

Around last month (for some notional reasons) I was chosen to be the stage manager of Teater FISIP for UI Art War 2015. I didn't directly accept this (I'd describe as an) incredible opportunity because I felt I wasn't the right person for the position, and beside, this is a huge competition. Long story short, I talked to a friend of mine about this and she suggested to take the job because she knew I was looking for other experiences outside the graphic/design division apparently she read my blog! So I thought why not give it a try.

I also know for a fact that I have no experience as a stage manager or even in theatre world, to be honest. I have zero idea of what a stage manager has to do, but I accepted the job anyway :") I tried my best to be responsible, starting from the smallest thing like arriving on time at the class --or wherever we chose to practice that day. I must say it wasn't easy. We gather from 5pm till 9pm and at times when it's necessary, till dawn. We practiced on Saturday and Sunday too. It has eaten not only my weekdays, but weekends. For the whole month. No one can disturb me on weekend y'know!

And now that it's over, I kinda miss it. The atmosphere. We always start our session with a warm up. We jog around the room, down and up the stairs. Give each other a look in the eyes, feel the air we throw from our body crawling into others'. Contract. Interact.

The people. Although some of them come and go and only a few stay till the end. It has given me a lesson of responsibility and willingness. And the most important, teamwork. I might have not been a perfect sm, but I'm lucky to meet so many amazing people who have helped me cope up with this. I'm lucky to meet each one of the person in this team, who are incredibly cooperative and have huge desire to learn, who I wouldn't have met (and got to know) if I didn't accept the job at the first place.

Congratulations Teater FISIP for:
1st place Theatre
Best Supporting Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Director
Best Artistic

This is such an incredible experience I can never put into words.
I love you guys, each one of you loads!

 Habibie as Pak Hansip

Gojek-ing rujak because we can --and we want to. 

 Our second test-makeup session

 {left-right} Ajib as Pak Mul (he's also the scriptwriter of this play!) - Achi as Bu Ucup


 Some of my amazing artistic team!

 {left-right} Alfi as Yanto - Iqro as Pak Yos

Ganjar as Fajar


Restu as Laela, and also the director of this play!

 My incredible makeup and costume team!


 "Mangan ora mangan sing penting ngudud" mural by FISIP UI (sorry, I have no idea who made this)

Director - Head of Production - Stage Manager, all in one pic!


  1. Really....I really want to watch the play :-( Good picturesss!!!!! I can even feel the vibess! Congrats btw!! :-)

  2. Gorgeous and lovely photos! Love them all! Happy Thursday!
    much love, Len


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